Volunteering Days

As part of the firm’s ESG strategy, we strive to create a positive social impact and play a responsible part in the communities we work in. Through our employee-generated volunteering programme, individuals and teams are encouraged to build connections with their local communities and give back to society by volunteering for a day to support causes and charities they feel passionate about.

This year we've worked with food poverty and hunger charities helping to redistribute surplus food to front-line causes, primary schools and holiday programmes, we went litter picking in the countryside, we worked with a charity that is planting trees in cities to fight climate change and we've helped to build children's playgrounds in increasingly developed city centres where the space and freedom for children to play safely is becoming more difficult.

"I would recommend volunteering to everyone! It was a unique experience, not only were we giving back to an important charity which protects our climate, but we were able to explore new areas of the city."