Mental Health Awareness Week

At G&T we recognise the importance of fostering good mental health in our workforce, especially during challenging times. This year we have increased the number of Mental Health First Aid Champions across the firm to 45 and we've undertaken 200 hours of mental health initiatives including activities across the UK for Mental Health Awareness Week.

In London, we ran a mental health roadshow that included 'Building Resilience' sessions aimed at increasing employees' understanding of mental health and why being aware of when we are struggling is so important. Employees were given the opportunity to undertake a full health and lifestyle review with qualified practitioners while desk yoga sessions and smoothie bikes added some fun to the day.

Up in our Scottish offices, the teams from Edinburgh and Glasgow came together to support the awareness week with a programme of events including a riverside walk, trips to the Gallery of Modern Art and Royal Botanic Gardens, yoga, meditation and reiki sessions. They finished off the week with a trip to the Ochil Hills and those daring enough finished the morning's hike with a dip in the local reservoir for some cold water therapy!