Review 2019-2020


Technology has dominated our lives in 2020. Global adoption of new communication and collaboration platforms has enabled us to stay connected across borders as never before, often with benefits for the environment. As the world begins to imagine the next normal, our experts looked at how we can create a greener and more connected world with technology at its heart.

  • Our report considers why fast, secure and resilient broadband has never been more important to our lives
  • We are supporting this Alternative Network provider in its plans to bring ultrafast broadband to rural communities
  • Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge of our time and transport has a significant role to pay in reversing the trend
  • This unique development is a showcase for electric vehicles and cutting-edge technology of the future
  • The right support packages from Government and closer partnerships between the public and private sector are key to mass take-up of electric vehicles
  • We have been working with this entrepreneurial IT company to help deliver an ambitious project to electrify a retailer’s fleet of vehicles
  • A drive to build back consumer confidence in flying is accelerating the move towards contactless journeys
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