Review 2020-2021

The UK's Digital Transformation

The last 18 months has demonstrated that there is a huge need for reliable and ‘fast’ internet. Much of the UK working population has been forced to work remotely with many of us competing with a household all trying to get online for work, education, social, grocery shopping and virtual work gatherings.

The definition of ‘fast’ can vary, but the UK government’s current target is for a minimum of 85% of the UK to have access to ‘gigabit-capable broadband’ (which means download speeds of at least 1 gigabit-per-second) by 2025. It is expected that 80% of this will be achieved through private investment in the telecoms industry to the tune of at least £30 billion.

The government’s recognition of the importance of having gigabit-capable broadband is a significant theme in their National Infrastructure Strategy.

In a world likely to be working less from the office, our massive gigabit-capable broadband programme looks more important than ever. It has enormous potential for levelling-up: with cheaper property, more relaxed lifestyles and superb internet connections, previously left-behind towns could become homeworking hubs.

There is now a burning platform for UK plc to continue to build and deploy a resilient fibre network to enable the nation to be productive and have the flexibility to embrace changing working habits.

G&T has been working in the sector since 2018. Today we are supporting a number of clients in this sector and demand is growing for our services including everything from commercial management, to change control, procurement strategy and supply chain management to cost intelligence, programme management office, risk and opportunity management and investor insight.

We are sharing 27 years of experience from working with lenders and investors in a variety of sectors, where we help them protect their investments (especially when they are less in control of how such investments are managed). Those unique insights are translating into the areas that matter to our Altnet clients in how they run their capital operation.

Find out more in our case study here.

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