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Tackling Homelessness Post COVID-19

During the pandemic crisis, built environment professionals called for redundant buildings to be used for the homeless. G&T was pleased to lend its support to the campaign.

In a newly released report, ‘Rough Sleeping Post COVID-19 – it takes a crisis to solve a crisis’ the London-based think tank, Architects Aware! (AA!), outlined possible approaches to tackling homelessness post COVID-19.

G&T Partner, Miles Delap, was one of the core members of the group and was proud to support practical measures to tackle homelessness and its causes in London.

AA! aims to find design and policy-based solutions to the UK homelessness crisis, interested in how a holistic design approach might offer more long term, lasting solutions for homeless accommodation in London. The organisation has nineteen core members, each of whom has established expertise.

The research is underpinned by the following six core principles:

  1. Research different homeless groups to understand individual needs and identify client groups
  2. Explore and develop design and policy based solutions to the UK homeless crisis
  3. Create a set of “design guidelines” for providing homeless accommodation with associated support facilities
  4. Establish strategic business models to define how homeless accommodation could sustainably co-exist with other planning uses
  5. Collaborate with a wide group of industry leaders
  6. To develop thought provoking research to influence and establish new ways of addressing the crisis

Read the full report and find out more.

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