Review 2019-2020

Post-Pandemic Predictions from the NextGen

This year we hosted our first NextGen webinar with over 100 attendees, bringing together NextGen industry partners New London Architecture (NLA), City Property Association (CPA), Westminster Property Association (WPA) and Revo Hub to get their insight on the future of the industry following the COVID-19 crisis.

The next generation will have to live with the outcomes of the pandemic and the repercussions it has on the future of work during a key period in their careers. Our panellists shared what they will be focussing on when life returns to the new normal, the opportunities the pandemic has presented and what they want to see from the future of the industry.

They provided invaluable insight into how the industry might evolve following the current crisis, offering different perspectives from across the built environment.

During the pandemic we have seen an acceleration to business change, with people having to think differently when it comes to reimagining that change.

Nancy Elgarf
Moderator and Associate Director at G&T

Key topics discussed included the long-term impact of working from home on London as the city we know, examples of how companies have had to think differently and adapt to keep up with changing business and employee requirements, the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the retail and leisure sector, increased digitisation and what impact the pandemic may have on climate change.

This is a chance to rethink town centres and the traditional high street retail model and build a bold new era of regeneration in both towns and cities.”

Nick Strachan
Director at Leslie Jones Architecture

If businesses are set up to think innovatively they will adapt faster and therefore be more successful in an uncertain future.

James Burrage
Development Manager at Great Portland Estates

The shared message from all speakers was that it will be important to focus on the positives that can be taken from the pandemic and the opportunities that this situation has presented.

Panellists agreed that the industry should use this time to re-imagine and where possible, re-build a city that not only fits the needs of its current occupiers, but also those of future generations.

The last few months have shown how much positive, drastic and collective action the world can take when faced with imminent threat.

Alex Beale
Foresight Manager at Landsec

The panellists believed the key drivers for this would be the conscious effort towards industry wide collaboration, increased flexibility for everyone no matter what position or circumstance and the ability to work together to create a shared vision for the future of our city.

Panellists for the webinar included:

  • Moderator - Nancy Elgarf, G&T Associate Director and G&T NextGen champion
  • Selasi Setufe, Innovative Sites Programme Manager at Be First, Public Practice Associate and Chair of NLA’s NexGen Sounding Board
  • Alex Beale, Foresight Manager at Landsec and Vice Chair of CPA NextGen committee
  • James Burrage, Development Manager at Great Portland Estates and Chair of WPA NextGen committee
  • Nick Strachan, Director at Leslie Jones Architecture and previous Chair of Revo Hub

It was great to bring together our NextGen partners and hear their thoughts on how the industry should progress as we enter into a new phase of the pandemic.

Nancy Elgarf
Moderator and Associate Director at G&T

Our NextGen programme relies heavily on our industry collaborations and this exchange of ideas would not have been possible without our partners - NLA, CPA, WPA and Revo Hub.

If you would like to find out more about our partnerships visit our NextGen Hub.

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