Mass Timber Insurance Playbook

Interest in the use of timber in the built environment is growing, particularly as it can help reduce the environmental impact of construction. However, as the use of mass timber increases, it has generated a wider debate in the insurance industry about how to assess insurance premiums for timber buildings.

This year we were delighted to contribute to new guidance that is enabling a collaborative approach between construction and insurers, opening the door to more equitable insurance for mass timber buildings.

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and partners have released this new guidance authored by Philip Callow and Jim Glockling with input from Eurban and Gardiner & Theobald.

Following the outcomes of the Mass Timber Office Forum organised by G&T, the Mass Timber Insurance Playbook was written by insurance and building resilience specialists, to help the insurance and construction industries understand each other’s priorities and language, with the aim of enabling constructive communication to help overcome gaps in knowledge that sometimes hold back mass timber construction.

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