Review 2020-2021

Lennox Point
© Portsmouth City Council

The Lennox Point regeneration project (formerly Tipner West) is one of the largest and most ambitious mixed-use developments on the south coast of England in generations.

Lennox Point will create thousands of jobs and apprenticeships as well as support the local economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic providing a 58,000m² marine employment hub and more than 3,500 homes in a community space that will aim to set a new benchmark in sustainable people-based design.


Portsmouth City Council



The Lennox Point team has identified five design principles shaping the proposals for the development - all of which are rooted in creating a sustainable neighbourhood for the future:

  • Pedestrian first - creating 'car-free' areas where residents and visitors can socialise, exercise and play in safety
  • Strong and healthy communities - catering for every stage of life and helping foster an inclusive community
  • Closer to nature and the water - developing new areas of wilderness and parkland, linking Lennox Point to its water, marshland and beautiful surrounding landscape
  • Beacon of innovative Portsmouth - creating an inspiring entrepreneurial and educational environment for enterprise to thrive
  • Climate responsive - ensuring Lennox Point is the south coast's first and largest net zero carbon neighbourhood
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