Review 2019-2020

Land Collective Virtual Internships

G&T was excited to support the Land Collective’s worldwide Virtual Internship programme, offering students at sixth form and university the opportunity to gain construction and commercial property experience whilst physical internships are unable to take place.

The virtual internship ran over two weeks and allowed students with an interest in commercial property to get an introduction to the sector, take part in exercises that mirror the type of work they would be involved in and gain career guidance. Students learnt via text, downloadable documents, video, audio and quizzes to gain a certificate once they completed the course.

I hope to gain knowledge on the important skills required in order to work in commercial property, learn tips that can help with my employability and get experience that will help me stand out from others.

Suzane Yeboah
2nd Year Sociology, Accounting and Finance Student at University of Leicester

COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on many students looking to pursue a career in property and construction. With internships and work placements no longer able to take place, many students’ careers have been put on hold. Combined with an already existing skills shortage, it has never been more important to support such initiatives for those that wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity or the tools to succeed in the industry.

G&T is working with the Land Collective as part of our recently launched NewGen programme. The initiative works alongside charities and other industry organisations to inspire a new generation of diverse built environment professionals.

I want to gain a clear understanding of the fundamentals of commercial property along with a stronger employability skill set. I hope to determine what skills I utilise best to see whether this is a career path that will complement those skills.

Mac Dedic
2nd Year Mathematics Student at Imperial College London

The Land Collective is an online content-led platform that encourages the next generation of professionals to provide commentary on the real estate market and the wider built environment. Through written articles, research and events they aim to spark meaningful discussions between industry professionals and educate those interested in joining the industry about the different jobs in the built environment. The group is made up of a hub of current students and recent graduates from a variety of backgrounds, including management, law, architecture, politics, economics and urban studies.

I hope to gain an understanding of the process of getting a job within construction and commercial property and the different jobs within the built environment.

Joyce Silva
Student at Brampton Manor Academy

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