Data Centre 22MW

The project comprises a new multi-storey data centre delivering 12,000m² of technical space with a link bridge to an existing facility. The facility will provide 22MW IT Load over 12 technical suites. The project includes a phased delivery of the fit-out of the data halls with a number of the floors to be handed over Day 1 with the shell and core.

The site will be provided with N+N supplies as well as concurrently maintainable HV generation to support full building load via N+N typology at HV and MV level, transitioning to distributed redundancy for the LV level. Dedicated power streams serving each of the data hall floors supported by modular UPS. Power distribution to the data halls will be via Power Distribution Units.

Concurrently maintainable low PUE water-based cooling system with central cooling plant provided at N+1 resilience and N+2 CRAH technical suite cooling.