Carbon Capture

The Government may have softened its stance on certain green policies in recent months, but it remains “absolutely unequivocal” about sticking to its commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The U-turn on certain green targets has not impacted the Government’s stated aim to capture and store 20-30 MtCO2 (including removals) per year by 2030 through the deployment of CCS/CCUS facilities in the UK.

To avoid compromising the UK’s overarching net zero plans, the Government has confirmed a raft of new carbon capture facilities designed to negate the emissions created by industry. G&T is playing a key role in delivering CCS/CCUS facilities that will form the start of the ‘East Coast Cluster’ – a project uniting the Humber and Teesside with an unparalleled and diverse mix of infrastructure to decarbonise industry.

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