Beyond the Bottom Line

At a time when our society faces unprecedented challenges, the concept of value for money is evolving to encompass more than just the outputs from new infrastructure assets. There is a growing emphasis to realise broader benefits and societal outcomes established in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies that are intrinsically linked to organisational objectives and purpose.

The construction industry faces a broad range of diverse disruptors that shape our clients’ priorities and the things they care about. This all takes place in an era of rapid advancement of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Modern Methods of Construction for constructing, renewing and reusing built assets.

Clients therefore need to evolve their overarching strategic ambitions whilst maintaining progress in the delivery of projects and programmes, ensuring there is a clear demonstration of the value that is being generated. Conventional approaches to delivering benefits from a commercial perspective need to evolve to keep pace with this rapidly changing, higher risk environment.

G&T Partner, Arvinder Birdi, wrote about benefits-led programmes and how they can create value for society in a new thought leadership article we published this year.

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