Review 2020-2021

Climate action: are NZC targets attainable?

The construction industry is becoming increasingly aware of the level of building performance that will be required to achieve a net zero carbon outcome and, as the industry makes the transition towards net zero carbon emissions, there is a growing body of guidance and performance targets to help improve the sector’s collective understanding on how to design and deliver low carbon buildings.

But for net zero carbon buildings to be delivered at scale and theoretical targets to be achieved in practice, structural market transformation is necessary. The World Green Building Council's report "Bringing embodied carbon upfront" calls for co-ordinated solutions and immediate action by the entire building and construction value chain. Changes need to be made to the way we design, build, use and deconstruct our buildings.

In the first in a series of articles published in 2021, we examined some of the targets and benchmarks that have been set and what the implications of meeting these might be.

Read the full article here.

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